House Whiskey: Old Fashioned

Can I blend a better whiskey than Jack or Jim. Well yeah, but it's a lot of work for marginal success. Sort of like making your stock from bones. You can taste the difference, but some things should be left to the experts.


Decemnber 2019


Afro-Cuban & Fernet con Coca

Collecting vinyl records can send you down a path. Lately, I've been picking up a few different Latin / Afro-Cuban records based on the cover art alone. Pairing with a libation of similar suite can certainly enhance the listening experience. Below is the recipe for an Argentina's two ingredient go to the fernet con coca.


August 2019

Black Manhattan Barrel Aged Cocktail.

It Took Me 32 Days to Make My Last Manhattan

I scoffed at barrel aged cocktails, or even the thought of having a seasonal cocktail pre-mixed and stored in a decanter. It took an evening at The Office (under the Aviary) to sway my decision.


March 2018